Communicating with Rural India: Interview with communication professional Raj Jha

Rural India is now seen as the market of the future with rural residents outpacing urban counterparts in consumer spending in 2011-2012. Close to 70% of households have televisions and mobile phones. Rural India, today, is also a bundle of contradictions. About 70% do not have toilets.How does one make sense of the contradictions that exist in Rural India – especially if one wants to work here on social development and improved public health? The Essayist discussed this with Mr. Raj Jha, National Creative Director of Ogilvy-Outreach.





What I say and what you see? A tragedy of errors (mis-reading) in public communication from Mauritius to Monrovia

Le Morne, the iconic and stunning rocky crag, located at the south-western tip of the island of Mauritius, juts out into the Indian Ocean. It has some of the best beaches and is a popular tourist destination. However, Le Morne is a place of immense historical importance. It was an important node on the slave route in the Indian Ocean. It was witness to a tragic, yet heroic, story of how a group of people chose the glory of freedom and death over an enslaved life. It also provides an important lesson in communication. In this article, read about human tragedies from Mauritius to Monrovia, and how public (mis) communication could be a game changer in controlling the Ebola epidemic.