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At Kalyani Media Group, we have designed and developed evidence-based communication and organizational development strategies to help our partner organizations set goals and achieve improved outcomes. KMG consultants have supported government, private sector and non-governmental partner organizations and developed strategies and operational plans in the following areas:

  • Social and Behaviour Change Communication
  • Risk Communication during Public Health Emergencies
  • Community Development
  • Employability Education
  • Management Education
  • Human Resources Development

Some of our key strategy development projects:

SNEHA-SURAKSHA-SAMMAN’ (CARE-PROTECTION-RESPECT) – An SBCC strategy to improve maternal and child health in Madhya Pradesh

KMG consultants worked with the State Health Department of Madhya Pradesh and UNICEF, to develop an evidence-based SBCC strategy to improve maternal and child health outcomes, thereby reducing maternal and child deaths in the state. This strategic approach motivates families to CARE (SNEHA), communities to PROTECT (SURAKSHA), and the health department to RESPECT (SAMMAN) women, thereby creating a conducing environment for them to practice life-saving behaviours and use required health services. KMG also helped design a unique communication vehicle called the ‘MAMTA RATH’ which has been operationalized in all 51 districts of the state. This rath/mobile van combines elements of interpersonal communication, community mobilization, mass-media and advocacy to successfully communicate behavior change and connect rural audiences with the government health services.

BCC in a BOX’

KMG developed ‘BCC in a BOX’ as a strategic approach for advancing maternal and child health in the state of Jharkhand. This project was commissioned by UNICEF for the State Health Department of Jharkhand. Based on evidence, this strategy segmented the audiences (married women and mothers) based on behavioural barriers existing at the individual, community and health system level, and developed SBCC boxes for health staff at the frontline, district and state level to help them address existing barriers and influence behaviour change, and demand generation for health services.